CPOST connects the academic and policy worlds by hosting conferences and workshops that bring together scholars and policymakers for a deep discussion of the world's most important issues. We have hosted five major conferences so far: one to discuss the future of the War on Terror (2010 on Capitol Hill), two to discus how to manage Asian security crises (2013 in Beijing, China and 2014 on Capitol Hill), one to bridge the gap between Chinese and American scholars (The Summer Institute), and most recently on the Standards for Humanitarian Intervention with the Council on Foreign Relations .

We also have several conferences planned in the next calendar year, including the second annual PKU-UChicago Institute in August 2015, a conference in Shanghai to discuss Taiwan and stability in East Asia, a conference to commemorate U.S.-China military cooperation on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, and conference in Washington, DC, scheduled in 2016 to present CPOST's "Early Warning Model" to predict large-scale terrorist attacks.