The Chicago Project on Security and Threats would like to thank the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the United States Office of Naval Research, who generously support current research projects.

CPOST also appreciates the ongoing support of the University of Chicago and the Department of Political Science, home to CPOST since its founding in 2004. CPOST is fortunate to have the opportunity to build a world-class research institute in such a unique and thriving intellectual community.

Additionally, CPOST is grateful for the support of the global academic community in assisting its efforts on U.S.-China relations, especially Tsinghua University in Beijing, Fudan University in Shanghai, and the University of Chicago Beijing Center.

Of course, CPOST is grateful for the past support of Argonne National Laboratory and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency at the Department of Defense. Their early support of CPOST empowered the Institute, providing the momentum necessary to produce leading international security scholarship.

Finally, CPOST is thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with leading research institutes like the Council on Foreign Relations, who has partnered with CPOST in previous feature pieces, and who co-sponsored a conference on humanitarian intervention with CPOST in Fall 2014.