Summer Institute Program Booklet

The Institute

CPOST, in conjunction with Peking University School of International Studies and the University of Chicago Beijing Center, is proud to have hosted the first annual Summer Institute on International Relations. Held in Beijing from Monday, August 18 through Friday, August 22, 2014, this five-day institute taught Chinese graduate students and young faculty how the University of Chicago approaches the study of international relations (IR). Through lectures, research talks ("Spark talks"), and workshops, this institute offers education in IR, provide stimulus for important ideas within the field, and help foster Chinese scholarship worthy of publication in top Western journals as well as around the world. 

'The Chicago Approach'

From Quincy Wright after World War I to Hans Morgenthau after World War II to our current faculty, the University of Chicago has long been at the forefront of creating new scholarship on international relations. The distinctive feature of Chicago's approach has been the development of new theories about international relations that seek to explain leading issues concerning international security, political economy, and conflict and cooperation among states in general. CPOST, a key part of this tradition, introduces the core concepts of Chicago's approach to one of the largest, fastest growing, and most important next generation of scholars of international relations - Chinese graduate students and young faculty in Beijing and across the country.