Data Research Assistant

About this Job

CPOST is looking for Data Research Assistants to provide support to the Suicide Attack Database project.

The selected candidates will fill a crucial role in collecting and analyzing data, as well as assisting in writing of analytic, publishable reports. The Data Team Assistants will be conducting an in-depth collection and analysis of news articles on terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda. All CPOST interns gain valuable research experience through updating databases, providing their own recommendations for data collection, and compiling reports.

Daily interactions with senior staff and faculty, as well as conversations with their fellow interns deepen their understanding of international relations and contemporary security realities while refining their practical research skills. Additionally, CPOST offers our interns valuable learning experiences through training opportunities for programs such as Excel, Access, and ArcGIS as well as meetings with experts, professors and fellows working in policy, politics, and international security. The data collection skills gained from this experience make CPOST alumni very competitive when applying for a range of research projects, government entities, and private sector organizations.

The Data Research Assistant is an unpaid position that requires an in-person commitment of ten hours a week for nine weeks over the duration of the academic quarter.

There are no qualifications required in order to apply to become a Data Research Assistant.

Preferred Skills:

  • Some previous experience with Microsoft Access and Excel
  • Foreign language speakers encouraged to apply
  • Any prior research experience 

Any student conducting research at CPOST is expected to exhibit a high degree of professionalism, as well as consideration toward her peers and nature of the work.