Capitol Hill Insurrectionists

We need a nuanced understanding of “who” stormed the US Capitol on Jan 6, 2021 in order to know who we are dealing with and create viable solutions for the future. Accordingly, CPOST has conducted a systematic analysis of the complete set of individuals arrested by the FBI and Washington DC police for offenses related to the storming of the US Capitol, numbering 235 as of January 28 2021, and expected to grow.

This analysis uses official court documents and media sources of the primary demographics, socio-economic characteristics, militant group affiliations, over 1,500 documents.

Of these 235, 193 have been specifically charged with being inside the US Capitol or breaking through barriers to enter the Capitol grounds. We analyzed these 193 as our primary focus and compared our findings on the Capitol Hill insurrectionists to the demographic profile of the 108 individuals arrested by the FBI and local police for deadly violence related to right wing political causes from 2015-2020 using the same methodology. The Chicago Project on Security and Threats has over 15 years of experience conducting demographic studies of international and domestic terrorists. For an example, see our American Face of ISIS study (2017).

For our analysis in The Atlantic, click here.

Click here to access the original overview of our data and findings on the Capitol Hill insurrectionists  (First uploaded 1/29/2021).

We are publishing regular updates to our data reports based on the latest arrests:

Media coverage and interviews:

  • Robert Pape interview with Don Lemon on CNN.