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Is Laptop Ban Based on Threat?

Fri., Mar. 31, 2017

The Christian Science Monitor interviews CPOST director Dr. Robert Pape who says that "This latest ban 'has the hallmarks of our airport security system responding to new information about an immediate threat.'"

Prison Massacres Shine Light on Gangs in Brazil

Wed., Jan. 18, 2017

Dr. Benjamin Lessing explains to The Monkey Cage how a recent wave of prison riots sheds light on one of the largest criminal organizations in South America.

CPOST Assistant Director Benjamin Lessing on Prison Gangs in Newsweek

Thu., Oct. 20, 2016

CPOST assistant director, and Program on Political Violence co-founder Dr. Benjamin Lessing, speaks to Newsweek on factors driving prison gang violence.

ISIS and the Culture of Narcissism

Mon., Jun. 27, 2016    |    The Wall Street Journal 

Dr. Pape discribes how ISIS is using Hollywood’s methods to make young Westerners think they’re starring in a ‘Hero’s Journey.’

Orlando shooting shows how ISIS calls the shots

Tue., Jun. 14, 2016    |    The Boston Globe

Dr. Robert Pape explained that ISIS is creating a new role for themselves, not as the director but rather as the producers of terror who ensure that operations are a success by attracting the right cast.

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