The Chicago Project on Security and Threats (CPOST) is an international security affairs research institute based at the University of Chicago. Founded in 2004 by Robert Pape, Professor of Political Science at the university, CPOST is best known for creating and maintaining the most comprehensive and transparent suicide attack database available. It continues to pursue empirically based research but does not ignore the human element. Drawing on the diverse expertise at the University of Chicago, CPOST finds counterintuitive solutions to complex threats. We are creating a non-partisan open source toolkit to better address emerging threats for government and corporate partners, while training the next generation of difference-makers in policy, business, the military and academia.

The CPOST Suicide Attack Database, the foundation upon which the institute was built, comprises the most complete list of suicide attacks since 1982 currently available. We are proud to make our data freely available to the public. This allows users to review and analyze the complete set of suicide attacks independent of CPOST’s analysis and findings.

We encourage you to browse the website to use the database, and to explore our scholarship, conferences, and media engagement.