In the News: Russia, Ukraine, and MH17

Mon., Jul. 28, 2014    

CPOST Director Robert Pape appeared on several media programs to discuss the crisis in Ukraine after the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. Please see the links below to view his comments on this tragic event and the potential major implications moving forward. Also be sure to read his op-ed in USA TODAY on the power of the politics of embarassment from Friday, July 18. 

BBC World Service, In the Balance: Sanctions: The Politics of Embarassment?, Friday, July 25

WTTW Chicago TonightUpdate on Malaysian Plane Crash in Ukraine, Wednesday July 23

Beyond the Beltway with Bruce DuMont: Russia, Ukraine, and MH17, Sunday July 20

Bloomberg News: Instant Death or Blackout: Likely Fate of Passengers on Jet Shot Out of Sky, Saturday July 19

ABC Chicago"What we want to do is stop the flow of weapons", Friday July 18

WTTW Chicago TonightMalaysia Airlines Plane Crashes in Ukraine, Thursday July 17

ABC Chicago: "We have been...trying to track the activities of the rebels in Ukraine", Thursday July 17