New Publications

Fri., May. 30, 2014    

CPOST Fellow David Benson has authored an article for Security Studies, “Why the Internet is Not Increasing Terrorism.” Benson, a PhD Candidate at the University of Chicago, challenges the conventional wisdom that the internet has been a boon for transnational terrorists. Quite the contrary, he finds that “state security organs actually gain at least as much utility from the Internet as terrorist groups do, meaning that at worst the Internet leaves the state in the same position vis-à-vis terrorist campaigns as it was prior to the Internet.”

Jenna Jordan, Assistant Professor of International Affairs at the Sam Nunn School of Georgia Tech, has published an article in International Security titled “Attacking the Leader, Missing the Mark: Why Terrorist Groups Survive Decapitation Strikes .“ The piece builds off her previous work on leadership decapitation, an increasingly important topic in international relations in the wake of Osama Bin Laden’s assassination. Professor Jordan argues that, contrary to what we might expect, the death of “operatives [like Bin Laden] are unlikely to cause significant organizational decline.” Professor Jordan is a long-time member of the CPOST family, who helped build the original CPOST database and made important contributions to publications stemming from that data.

Below are links to each article, both of which affirm CPOST’s commitment to producing scholarship (and scholars) who have a profound impact on the policy world.

"Why the Internet is Not Increasing Terrorism"

"Attacking the Leader, Missing the Mark: Why Terrorist Groups Survive Decapitation Strikes"