September 11, 2011 – Ten Years Later

Wed., Sep. 11, 2013    

To mark the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, CPOST asked prominent policymakers and scholars to reflect on the decade since September 11, 2001. Please see below for these perspectives.

The End of Fear
Robert A. Pape, Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism, University of Chicago

Whatever Happened to Nuclear Terrorism?
Thomas Schelling, University of Maryland, College Park

The Middle East Ten Years after 9/11
Rami Khouri, American University of Beirut

U.S. Security and Nation Building
Christopher Preble, Cato Institute

Winning the Long War
Kori Schake, Hoover Institute, Former National Security Council

Is the War on Terror Finally Over?
Mark Juergensmeyer, University of California, Santa Barbara

9/11 in Perspective
Richard N. Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations

The Consequences of Islamophobia
John Esposito, Georgetown University

9/11 and the Iraq Syndrome
John Mueller, Ohio State University

The Honorable Thomas Kean, Former Governor New Jersey, Co-Chair 9/11 Commission, National Security Preparedness Group
NSPG’s Tenth Anniversary Report Card