The 2019 Inaugural Hagel Lecture

Mon., Jun. 03, 2019    |    CPOST

The Inaugural Hagel Lecture with the 24th U.S. Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, and keynote speaker Madeleine Albright, the 64th U.S. Secretary of State, was a tremendous success with over 700 in attendance and livestreamed overseas. This prestigious lecture series furthers CPOST’s initiative for greater civil discourse in critical discussions about national security and foreign policy. Both secretaries discussed issues on foreign policy and terrorism, sharing their views on social media and terrorism, the path forward with Iran, the development of democracy in Asian countries and more.

When a student asked the secretaries to expand on where they find hope and think solutions will come from domestically and internationally in the future, Sec. Albright stated, “My hope is in you. One of the things I think is very important is the next generation.”

Hagel added, “Every generation throughout history has made things a little better. You’ve got more tools and opportunities to deal with these challenges than any other generations. I’m hopeful. I’m optimistic. I have such faith in this country and the people in this country.”

Didn’t get a chance to attend? No problem – watch the fully recorded livestream lecture on our YouTube Channel.

Mark your calendar for the second lecture in this series, happening May 28, 2020!