Welcome to the New CPOST!

Mon., Apr. 28, 2014    

In 2012, CPOST began a major project to overhaul the Suicide Attack Database. Our research team re-coded many attacks to include higher levels of specificity, in order to provide more detailed and accurate information for those using the data. During this extensive updating process, Dr. Pape recognized the need to expand CPOST in size and scope, so that it could maintain the database while also producing high-quality scholarship with a powerful policy impact.

In late 2013, this expansion effort began in earnest. One aspect of the project was to update the Suicide Attack Database through 2013, and put in place the institutional support required to ensure the data remained current. Another major part of the development project was to re-brand the institute, with the goal of creating an organizational face worthy of its proud history.

Please enjoy our new website and check back frequently for updates on scholarship and conferences. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter @CPOST_UChicago. To join our mailing list, please click here.

Finally, we would like to thank the Web Services team at the University of Chicago IT Services for their hard work creating the new website. We appreciate their valuable expertise, which made the launch of this website possible. And of course, we would like to thank the talented individuals at Art On The Loose for their hard work and creativity in designing our new logo. The logo evokes a magnifying glass beside a globe, an appropriate representation of a core CPOST value: viewing international relations through a unique lens, transforming how we view the world.