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Why ISIL Beheads Its Victims

Tue., Oct. 07, 2014

Robert Pape, Michael Rowley, and Sarah Morell examine the strategtic logic behind ISIL's recent beheadings of Westerners. The group's primary goal, they argue, is not to fight the West, but instead to use anti-American sentiment to expand its recruitment pool in order to grow a military force powerful enough to take down enemies in the immediate vicinity. 

The Growing Threat of ISIS

Sun., Sep. 14, 2014

Dr. Robert Pape appeared on "Beyond the Beltway" with Bruce DuMont to discuss the rising threat of ISIS and America's strategy moving forward. 

How National Security Has Increased in the United States

Thu., Sep. 11, 2014

On the anniversary of 9/11, Dr. Robert Pape spoke with WBEZ, NPR's Chicago affiliate, on the changing national security landscape since 2001. The discussion centered on the important balance between civil liberties and national security, and how to ensure that American policies maximize American security and individual freedom. 

How to Fix the Flaws in the Global Terrorism Database and Why It Matters

Mon., Aug. 11, 2014

Following up their original piece on government data exaggerating the increase in terrorist attacks, Director Robert Pape, Research Director Keven Ruby, and Research Analysts Vincent Bauer and Gentry Jenkins write for 'The Monkey Cage' at The Washington Post to explain that the Global Terrorism Database does not accurately portray the trajectory of terrorism over time, why this problem matters, and how to fix it. 

Green on Blue Attacks in Afghanistan

Thu., Aug. 07, 2014

Fellow David Benson, former Army intelligence officer, speaks to ABC Chicago about 'Green on Blue' attacks and the death of Major General Harold Greene in Afghanistan.

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