Prison Massacres Shine Light on Gangs in Brazil

Wed., Jan. 18, 2017

Dr. Benjamin Lessing explains to The Monkey Cage how a recent wave of prison riots sheds light on one of the largest criminal organizations in South America.

CPOST Assistant Director Benjamin Lessing on Prison Gangs in Newsweek

Thu., Oct. 20, 2016

CPOST assistant director, and Program on Political Violence co-founder Dr. Benjamin Lessing, speaks to Newsweek on factors driving prison gang violence.

ISIS and the Culture of Narcissism

Mon., Jun. 27, 2016    |    The Wall Street Journal 

Dr. Pape discribes how ISIS is using Hollywood’s methods to make young Westerners think they’re starring in a ‘Hero’s Journey.’

Orlando shooting shows how ISIS calls the shots

Tue., Jun. 14, 2016    |    The Boston Globe

Dr. Robert Pape explained that ISIS is creating a new role for themselves, not as the director but rather as the producers of terror who ensure that operations are a success by attracting the right cast.

If ISIS brought down EgyptAir plane, what was the motive?

Thu., May. 19, 2016    |    The Boston Globe

Prof. Robert Pape considers scenarios and motivations for possible EgyptAir terrorist attack.

The Strategic Logic of Suicide Bombing

Tue., Apr. 05, 2016    |    The Atlantic; Uri Friedman

The Atlantic looks to Dr. Pape's work to analyze the Brussels attacks and ISIS's broader strategy.

Report on Annual Suicide Attack Index

Thu., May. 14, 2015    |    Chinese Social Sciences Today; Translated by Li Chen, Graduate Research Associate

Chinese Social Sciences Today published an article detailing CPOST's Suicide Attack Index. The piece was translated from the original Chinese by Li Chen, Graduate Research Associate, Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism

Myth Busting: ISIS, suicide terrorism, and U.S. Foreign Policy

Tue., May. 05, 2015    |    Chicago Policy Review

Robert Pape, Director of the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism and University of Chicago political scientist, dispels myths about ISIS and suicide terrorism and discusses the potential power of grassroots efforts to influence foreign policy.

Chicago Project on Security & Terrorism creates first annual report on suicide terrorism

Tue., Apr. 28, 2015    |    UChicago News

A new report on global trends in suicide terrorism shows that during 2014 more than 4,300 people in more than 15 countries were killed in suicide bombings. Out of the 15 countries, Afghanistan and Iraq led the world last year in suicide attacks with an increase in Iraq.

Getting ISIS Out of Iraq

Mon., Apr. 20, 2015    |    Robert A. Pape, The New York Times

Despite being criticized for lacking a strategy, the United States and its allies have made significant gains against the Islamic State. Over the past year, the areas it controlled that were most threatening to our regional allies in Iraq and Syria have shrunk by more than a third. The Islamic State’s fighters have been pushed back from the Mosul Dam in Kurdish Iraq, the town of Kobani in Syria, and, most recently, the Iraqi city of Tikrit, making the largest Kurdish and Shiite population centers vastly safer.